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How To Close Deals

How To Close Deals



Are you looking to close more sales deals? ? If so, you’re in luck! We will discuss ways that you can improve your ability to sell products and services. By following these tips, you’ll be able to close more deals and increase your revenue. Let’s get started!


Stop Making Excuses


Until you take total responsibility it will not get better. A common excuse is “the leads aren’t good enough”. Well you can’t use that excuse because every other company out there is buying/using the same type of leads and they’re making it work. There’s not some magic lead fairy that delivers perfect leads to lucky businesses. If you aren’t closing the deal, humble yourself and take the ego hit. You need to figure out what’s missing. If not you’ll just keep failing. The only way you can do that is if you blame yourself. Problems don’t have solutions until they have owners, and when you point a finger outwards, there’s 3 pointing right back at you. A fish rots from the head, if you don’t have what you want, you need to ask yourself what you don’t know, aren’t doing well enough, or aren’t taking responsibility for. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not, it’s your responsibility now.

Understand Your Customer


The first step to getting better at general business sales is to understand your customer. What are their needs and desires? What issues are they trying to resolve? Once you have a good understanding of your customer, you’ll be able to more effectively sell to them. Before you start selling, it’s crucial to do your research. This involves learning about your customer, their business, and their industry. By understanding their needs and wants, you’ll be better equipped to sell to them effectively. As a salesperson, you are a doctor or a pain killer. You need to know what “cure” they’re looking for. Understand the needs and pain points of your customers and how your product/service will alleviate it.


You Need To Be 100% Sold On Your Product/Service


To succeed in sales, it’s vital that you are 100% certain that your product or service is the best you have to offer and the best on the market. Customers need to feel certain to make a purchase. If you’re not even sold or certain, why should they be? Also, if you don’t truly believe what you sell is the best possible solution, you are not going to put the work in required to get the deal done. Keep making it better, read your testimonials, you need absolute certainty.  If you don’t know that you have the best product/service on the market, why are you even selling it? That’s not being good to yourself or your customers. If you aren’t sold, they’ll sell you on why they shouldn’t buy, and you’ll buy into it, and you’ll starve to death……maybe.


Selling Is Different Than Closing


We’re going to skate to 1 song and 1 song only. Selling is easy, almost anyone would buy everything you have if  selling worked. Everyone likes to look and collect information. You need to understand, selling is really just passing along information and educating your customer. Closing is much different. Closing is when you actually get a contract signed and get paid. “Sellers” focus on entertaining, closers focus on getting paid. You cannot properly serve your customer until they have signed your contract and paid you. If you truly have a solution to what they’re seeking, it is selfish not to close them. You are a salesman not an “order taker”. An order taker will sit back and wait for a customer to order something or buy something like at a drive thru window at a fast food restaurant. 


Be Ready For Objections


Objections are a natural part of the sales process, so it’s important to be prepared for them. You will feel the shift in the conversation when it moves from selling to closing. and then all of a sudden all these objections start coming up. 

You need to have a plan when you’re in the red. By having a plan to overcome objections, you’ll be able to keep the sale moving forward. 

You should already know what your typical objections will be. Just think back to all of your sales calls, and ask yourself what keeps coming up. 

You need to have your rebuttals typed up, printed out, ready to go, and you need to practice them daily.

Handling objections is not a boxing match of trading blows back and forth and it shouldn’t be treated like that. Check out some example rebuttals below.

Bonus Tip: Understand that not everything your customer says is an objection, sometimes it’s just a buying complaint. If they say “Man I wish I didn’t have to sign a contract”, and you overreact, you might make them focus on it more and turn it into a true objection. 


Always Agree With The Customer


Be a human. Never make the customer feel wrong for how they feel. Nothing will drive the sale further apart than not seeing eye to eye. You need to be empathetic and see it from their point of view. That means you need to meet the customer where they are. There’s a difference between handling objections and arguing, downplaying, disagreeing, and dismissing your customers’ thoughts and feelings. There is nothing less comforting than a salesman that keeps shrugging things off,  acting like you’re the problem, and feeling like you’re being bickered with while you dodge their commission. If you’re going to rebuttal they’re objection, it must start with “I understand what objection you’re saying and I agree with you”.


Some Example Objections/Rebuttals Include:


I need to think about it – I understand that you want to think about it and I agree with you. This is a large investment. If I could be honest with you for a second, you don’t need to think about it, you’re not going to go home in your rocking chair and ponder. Time is going to march along, your problems won’t get solved, and in the future you’ll be right where you are now. The truth is you need information right now, and I’m the only one that can give it to you since you want to buy from us. So what questions do you have for more and what do you need to know?  

I need to talk to my significant other / decision maker – I understand that you want to talk to your significant other /decision maker and I agree with you. This is a large investment. If your significant other / decision maker is like mine, chances are you’ve already discussed this problem you’re trying to solve. I’ll tell you what we’ll do, let’s get you signed up, and if you come back tomorrow after talking with your significant other /decision maker and they’d rather see you stuck where you’re at then fix it, we’ll rip up the contract, refund your money, and pretend the whole thing never happened because you have bigger problems to solve than us trying to help you.

Now it’s your turn. Write out some common objections and how you’ll handle them! This isn’t for your entertainment, get to work!

Have Thick Skin – Rhino Skin In Fact 


Live by the motto “Call me what you want just give me the money.” It’s better to be effective than to be liked. If you are liked, sign them up, and do a good job, even better! This is business not a popularity contest and you need to make sales to get paid. Have some inner separation and get some self esteem that is not connected to what people think of you. Honestly, If you want a friend, get a dog. You’re there to provide a service, not get married and have kids. They’re here for your services, not you. They just want help. Laugh it off and don’t personalize it. Have some fun.

Scared? Good. Do it anyway.


Nobody has absolute self confidence in sales. Sales is hard. Everyone is nervous. Some throw up AND get paid. Others cry to mommy. Enough said. Harsh, but accurate. As long as you pick up the phone, it gets easier from there every time. If you are truly knocking knees scared, the best way to overcome it is by filling up your sales calendar. You will always feel more afraid and more pressure when you have no one else to talk to. When you are nervous, you need to ask yourself how to fill your sales pipeline up with interested prospects.

Keep Following Up


Persistence is key in sales. Even if a customer says no, don’t give up! There’s always a chance that you can change their mind in the future. Continue to follow up. Call them again. If they hang up on you, call them back. 80% of sales close between 5-12 follow ups. If you aren’t following up, you only have yourself to blame. You know the math just like everyone else, now you just have to pick up the phone 1 more time. This time will be the time they say yes! 


Everyone Is A Salesman And It’s Okay


Whether you understand it or not, you’re a salesman. Most people that got into business didn’t have the intention of becoming a salesman, but unbeknownst to them, that’s what being a business owner is all about. Be proud of being a salesman. 1 in 8 jobs are sales positions in america. Only in America is it frowned upon to be a salesman. In India for example, they are proud, because they make money and get the job done. The truth is everyone knows how important sales is. Even a 6 year old son/daughter will ask their mom or dad if they closed the big deal today.


Maintain Positivity


Always be a professional. Always have faith. Empty out the negativity so the positivity has a place inside of you. It’s important to stay positive throughout the sales process when things are good, bad, or indifferent. This is the only way you’re going to make it. We are what we focus on. If you’re living in fear, and not faith, it’s going to be tough sledding, and you’re just making it more likely that you will fail. Tomorrow is my day, I know they’ll sign up, I have nothing to worry about, It will all work out, nothing can stop me … .etc. Say some positive affirmation if you have to. When it comes to sales, if you’re not positive, if you don’t believe you can do it, it will cost you the sale and maybe even your business. Never take on a victim mentality or identity. It’s okay to have a hard time, but don’t internalize it. Boat sink because of the water that gets inside of them, not all the water around them.


Never Stop Training


To excel in sales, it’s vital to keep learning and training. By continuously educating yourself on the latest selling techniques, and training, you’ll be able to close more deals and increase your revenue. Also, salesmen can close a deal on Monday evening and the next day onTuesday morning they’re already rusty and tripping over their feet. You need to train before you can overtrain and when it comes to sales, you’re not training enough. Practice your scripts daily, especially the objection handling. Someone should be able to wake up out of a coma and you know your stuff inside and out. You are never good enough! You are never ready enough! In the sense that you are always sharpening the sword.


Always Ask One More Time


If you’re going to spend all your time selling to people, do yourself a favor and always ask for the order 1 more time. You already came this far, you already did so much work. Be unreasonable. “ I know you said next quarter “ “Is there anything at all and I mean anything that can get you to take this seriously today”. If they say no. Ask again. Probe.


Never Give Up


As long as you don’t quit you will succeed. From this moment on you need to fully commit no matter what happens. It’s the only way you’re going to force your brain into figuring it out. If you keep thinking about plan B, plan A is not going to happen. You need to sail to the enemy’s land, beach your boat and burn it to the ground. The only way out is forward through the enemy’s land, you have no way to retreat, and you need to fight like hell to get back out alive. That’s the only way you face business, life, sales….etc You need to think like a warrior that won’t quit until they’re dead. Rekindle the warrior spirit that’s inside all of us by fully committing. The only thing quitting gets you is exactly what you have now. What do you have to lose?


The Drama Triangle


The drama triangle is a popular framework in psychology. It involves a victim, a perpetrator, and a hero. The perpetrator can be a person or a situation. The victim is the person stuck. The hero is the person that comes to save them or the solution to work itself out. If you are feeling down and out, are you waiting for a hero? Waiting for things to work itself out? You need to understand, nobody is coming to save you. Some people would love to help you but can’t. Some people are glad you have the problem. The only hero you need is you. The only one that can save you is yourself. Be your own hero and stop waiting, a hero may never show up and it’s up to you.