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How To Create An Irresistible Offer

How To Create An Irresistible Offer


The biggest objection to overcome with prospects is trust. A good offer and guarantees help people trust you more because you have some skin in the game. We’ve figured out the best guarantee for us.

A good offer showcases the end results of what you’re delivering to them when all is said and done.

A good guarantee shows that you will stand behind your services that are fulfilling your offer.

Increase trust: Guarantees and pay on performance demonstrate to potential customers that you are confident in your product or service and are willing to stand behind it. This can increase trust in your brand and make potential customers more likely to take a chance on your offer.

Reduce risk: For potential customers who may be hesitant to take action, guarantees and pay on performance can help reduce the perceived risk of doing business with you. This can help make the decision to move forward with your offer easier and increase conversion rates.

Competitive advantage: Guarantees and pay on performance can provide a competitive advantage in a crowded market. By demonstrating confidence in your product or service, and reducing the perceived risk of doing business with you, you may be able to win more business and stand out from competitors who do not offer similar guarantees or pay on performance models.

Show up rates: If you want people to show up to a sales call they need a big reason to.

Closing rates: If you want to close more people, this is the easiest way to do it.

Generate more leads: if you just added pay on performance to your outreach copy, you’d get double the responses minimum

Coming Up With The Offer – The Offer Is King

You need to figure out what your target audience wants, and offer it to them as close as you can.

Brainstorm what your target audience actually wants. Feel free to call them, email them, and ask them!

Now figure out what’s the closest you can actually get to them to their desired results that you can deliver on.

Understanding Features vs. Benefits vs. Outcomes

Selling and marketing based on features, benefits, and outcomes are different approaches to promoting a product or service. Let’s first define what each of these terms mean:


The characteristics of a product or service that describe what it is, how it works, and what it does. Selling or marketing based on features focuses on the technical specifications and attributes of the product or service, such as its size, color, or functionality. Bad salesmen and marketers talk about features. Nobody wants to talk about all the work involved in weight loss. They only want to talk about how fast they’re going to lose weight. If you start talking about calorie counting and different diets, and all the exercise it isn’t sexy. Most people don’t want to talk about features unless they are very technically inclined.


The advantages or positive effects that a product or service provides to the customer. Marketing or selling based on benefits, on the other hand, highlights the positive effects that the product or service can provide to the customer. This approach is often more effective than marketing based on features, as it speaks directly to the needs and desires of the customer, and can help them visualize how the product or service can improve their lives. Good marketers and salesmen/saleswomen figured out benefits are a much better way to market and sell things compared to features, as most people are just interested in what’s in it for them.


The specific results or achievements that the customer will experience after using the product or service. Marketing based on outcomes takes the benefits approach one step further, by focusing specifically on the specific results or achievements that the customer will experience after using the product or service. This approach is often the most effective, as it connects directly with the customer’s goals and aspirations, and can help them visualize the specific ways in which the product or service will help them achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Selling based on outcomes is also effective because it helps establish a deeper connection between the customer and the product or service. By focusing on outcomes, the seller or marketer can help the customer see how the product or service can help them achieve their goals and aspirations, and can build trust and confidence in the product or service.
  • Great salesman/saleswoman figured out a long time ago that outcomes are the best way to market and sell things. If you want to actually attract people and close deals, you have to base it off of outcomes.
  • It’s best to blend benefits and outcomes together.

An example of a great offer that focuses on desirable client outcomes

If you want to lose weight . . .

I have something that can do it with no exercise, calorie restriction, side effects, or suffering AND it works overnight, & if you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% no questions asked refund. 

Let’s pretend it’s real. Maybe it’s a “Magic Pill” or liposuction … or whatever.

Let break this offer down

  • There is a reason why most personal trainers are so cheap compared to liposuction.
  •  Nobody wants to suffer for 18 months with restricting their diets + all the exercise to get a 6 pack. 
  • People want an easy guaranteed outcome, and they want it to be as fast and easy as possible. People can lay down on an operating table and lose a bunch of fat guaranteed, and it’s target to the areas they want individually.
  • They want to buy the vacation, they don’t want to buy the trip.
  • You have to think things through and become an airplane. Best case scenario all your new customers have to do is step on board, and they arrive at the destination/vacation.
  • This offer is fast, immediate, targeted to the areas they want to lose fat, has a high likelihood of success, and they don’t have to suffer.
  • This is a good offer because you can charge a lot more and attract and close a lot more people with an offer like this. 
  • All things considered, almost anyone would pick the risk free, guaranteed, easy weightloss over working with a personal trainer for 18 months. You can also check out Alex Hormozi’s book “100M offers” for more helpful information.

Putting it into practice

SEO Agencies – We will increase your site traffic in x amount of time or refund your money + we can get your more business without spending money on FB/Google ads

Facebook/Google Ads Agencies – Pay Per Lead usually just flat out beats retainer models. For example, pay us $100 per lead vs pay us $1000/month for no guaranteed amount of leads is a no brainer. 

Branding – We’ll help you sign up more customers by increasing their trust and making you look more professional. 

Website Design – We’ll help you sign up more customers without paid advertising and looking more professional.

You must focus on their goals of end results!!!!!

Notice how the focus is in helping them sign up more customers, it’s not just SEO or Website design!!!!!

Our Offer & Guarantee – A Real Life Example

We simply guarantee that our b2b clients get exactly what they’re paying for or we’ll refund their money. 

Meaning, If they pay for 50 sales opportunities and they only get 3 we’ll refund them for the 47 sales opportunities. We also put it in writing in the contact.

Quite simply, we use an easy to understand guarantee that is valuable to our prospective clients AND we can deliver on our promise. 

If we don’t do X we’ll do X.

Notice how our company does not guarantee anyone signs up customers and we put that in writing in our contracts.

In this case, we simply guarantee we deliver all of the leads purchased, and restrictions do apply. 

Kindly view our lead quality and quantity disclaimer on our website or in our written agreements if you want more information. Also check out the rest of our terms and conditions while you’re there.

Examples of forms of guarantees & pay on performance

Below are some examples of guarantees and pay on performance models that can be used for inspiration.

Satisfaction guarantee

This type of guarantee promises that the customer will be satisfied with the product or service they receive, and if they are not, they can receive a refund or other compensation. This type of guarantee can help reduce risk for potential customers and increase their confidence in your product or service.

Results-based guarantee

This type of guarantee promises a specific result, such as a certain amount of revenue generated, and if the result is not achieved, the customer can receive a refund or other compensation. This type of guarantee can align incentives between your organization and potential customers and encourage them to take meaningful actions to achieve their goals. Let’s say you do website design. You can tell them if the website doesn’t get them an ROI within 6 months of the website completion, you’ll give them a refund. Or if you do so you can do the same thing. If you run the seo and they don’t get an ROI after 1 year, they’re eligible for a refund. You can frame the language out in the contract however you want, but that pretty much sums it up.

Conditional guarantee

As long as you jump through all the hoops, you get a full refund if you don’t get the promised result. But they have to work for it and prove you worked for it. For example if you’re running google ads you can say we guarantee you close customers as long as you answer all of the calls, always give a quote, take on all work brought to you,….etc. This pretty much says as long as you do your job we’ll do ours. If someone breaks any of the conditions, they obviously don’t get a refund.

Pay per lead (PPL)

This type of pay on performance model charges for advertising based on the number of leads generated. This type of model can provide a strong incentive for people to sign up because you only get paid when a lead comes in. You can also charge a lot more. When everyone was charging 1000 a month for retainers for google ads for roofers you can charge 100 per lead. It’s good because some people are skeptical or suspicious of marketing agencies and lead generation services in the past. So give them what they want. If you generated 15 leads you are owed $1,500. You would’ve done the same job for $1000 a month happily, but people didn’t want to sign up. You can do the same thing with pay per appointment booked!

Commission-based pricing

This type of pay on performance model pays a commission or percentage of sales to a company or marketer who generates results for the organization. This type of model can provide a strong incentive for customers to sign up. They only pay me if you close customers’ guarantee. Only do this if you have something good to sell that makes people happy. I wouldn’t play around with this unless your cash flow is established and again you have something good to sell.

Never Go Too Far!

  • Your goal is to make a guarantee or promise to your customer that you will take them as close as you possibly can to their desired results. 
  • It’s generally not advisable to promise people the earth, moon, and stars for obvious reasons, especially if you can’t deliver on it.
  • Notice in our guarantee, we only promise we deliver all of the leads purchased or we’ll refund you for each lead we don’t deliver. 
  • All we can do is deliver the leads, you converting them is obviously out of our control. 
  • Do not make the mistake of promising people guaranteed revenue or customers because that will be the benchmark they hold you against in their minds if you succeeded or failed them. 
  • Do not make things up or lie to potential customers about the effectiveness of your products/service. 
  • Some companies say things like “We guarantee you 67 roof replacements every month or we’ll give you $5,000 and pay for the next marketing agency”.
  • If you do things like this it is likely you will destroy your business’s reputation and have a lot of very unhappy people. 
  • Just because other companies are doing it, doesn’t mean they’re successful, or happy, despite what it looks like from the outside.

In Summation

  • These are just a few examples of guarantees and pay on performance models that can be used in cold outreach. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best model for your organization will depend on your specific goals and target audience.
  • You can’t be mentally lazy here. You have to come up with something. Everyone needs a hook. Without a hook it might be tough sledding.
  • We understand that you don’t want to guarantee anything. However, that’s a big mistake. Using a guarantee or pay on performance will allow you to attract and sign up 10x the customers immediately.
  •  If you are good at what you do, you should have no problem coming up with a reasonable offer you can stand behind.
  • Overall, guarantees and pay on performance can be beneficial for by increasing trust, reducing risk, aligning incentives, increasing accountability, and providing a competitive advantage.

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