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How To Convert New Leads Into Booked Sales Calls

How To Convert New Leads Into Booked Sales Calls

Convert up 40% of all new leads into booked calls! – The Short Term Appointment Booking Process – 2 Weeks And In.

Don’t just scan, read through this carefully. I’m watching you!

Statistics – The average company takes 72 hours to follow up with a lead. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The ideal time to follow up with a lead is within 5 minutes of generation with a phone call + voicemail + text + email. The next best time is right now.

You must call the leads a minimum of 12 times and leave voicemails before you give up on calling them in the short term of 2 weeks. It should take 6 business days, calling them twice a day, to reach 12 dials to them.

It’s a great idea to use an autodialer like MOJO single line dialer to make 100% more call in 50% of the time. 100 leads = 1,200 dials. Hand dialing = 60 hours. Mojo Dialer = 26 hours. The $100 or so is worth it obviously. + You can leave the voicemail if they don’t answer and it will send you to the next call while it leaves the voicemail on the previous call.

In addition to calling them 12 times AND leaving voicemails, you must send them emails and texts. Preferably with a calendar booking link. Send them 6 emails and 6 texts. Always respect them if they OPT OUT.

Sell the appointment – When you are trying to get a lead to book into a sales call/demo call, remember to sell the appointment. You’re not selling your company, product or service, or yourself, or trying to get them to buy. Your job is to ask them to commit to a meeting, nothing more.

Did you know – Leads that raised their hand will still hang up on you AND it takes work to book them into a sales call EVEN if they are actually interested. Remember to trust the proven process. Always remember, that all leads always suck!

To make your life easier, always use an appointment setting script. We’ll Provide 1 Below + the voicemail script.


Fast Facts About This Appointment Booking Script Below


You can use this same script for appointment booking or leads that self book into a qualification call.

An appointment setting script should be quick and punchy. This should be a 5-10 minute script like the one below, not 60 minutes.


Use These Rebuttals While Setting Appointments

  • I totally agree with you and everyone says the same thing until they see what we do and how it works. 
  • I only have a minute until my next call and I promise I wont keep you long.

The Appointment Setting Script Starts Here


My name is {Your Name} with {Company Name}

I’m calling because we sent you an email and you were interested in getting more customers. [Or whatever outcome/benefit + guarantee your product service provides them.] ***** You can check out our how to create an irresistable offer guide to come up with a hot one liner to stick here.

To be sure I’m not wasting your time;

  1. What’s the main priority for you in business right now?
  2. What types of problems are you having with solving that right now?
  3. Is solving that a priority for you guys right now?
  4. Other than yourself, is there anyone else that needs to be involved with hiring us to bring more customers into your business? 
  5. Probe If They Aren’t The Final Decision Maker – I know you’re going to be important to this decision. Do you have the ability to pull the trigger right now on something that may cost around ($2,000- $5,000?) 
  6. If they don’t have the ability to buy- Ask when can we all get together? Meaning the decision maker and them.
  7. We can help you get more customers, improve your business, and ultimately grow. And if we don’t send you interested people, we don’t get paid. If only half of what i’m saying is true, would you make 60 minutes to see a demonstration of how we can do this for you?  ***** You can check out our how to create an irresistable offer guide to come up with a hot one liner to stick here.

Does (NEXT AVAILABLE TIME/DATE On YOUR Calendar) work for you? 

Always LOCK THE APPOINTMENT with a question like this . . .

We can’t reschedule calls, as long as aliens don’t invade between now and then, would there be any reason you wouldn’t be able to answer the phone for our call? Awesome, I love it! {Or Them + The Decision Makers}

Closing Out

Okay Perfect! 

My Only Goal For Our Next Call Is To Demonstrate Clear ROI And Not Waste Your Time.

I’m going to send some information about us after we get off the phone.

What’s your best email to send that information to? 

What’s your best contact number so we can reach out for your call?

Perfect, we’ll be calling you from this number, it’s our main office.


Voicemail Script If They Didn’t Pick Up While You’re Calling Them. Record this on the autodialer or say it on the voicemail yourself.


My name is {Your Name} with {Company Name}

I’m calling because James told me to reach out to you because we sent you an email and you said you were interested in growing your business. {Again, see our offer creation guide}. Give our office a call back right now at 877 286 3229, I have something special to show you. We’ll reach out again if we don’t hear back.


Action Steps

  1. Study this sheet and our KPI’s Guide.
  2. Study the “All leads Suck” Guide.
  3. Write your own appointment setting script following this framework.
  4. Record your voicemail in your mojo auto dialer.
  5. Start setting appointments!

In Closing

If you want to book more than 40% of your leads into sales calls, you will have to nurture them longer than 2 weeks!

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