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How To Find The “Good” Leads

How To Find The “Good” Leads

Truth Bomb – All leads need care! – The Folly Of Fools

Truth Bomb – All leads need care! 

If you’re looking for the “good leads” you’ll have to put your sales calendar under your pillow and hope the fairy lead godmother pays you a visit.

If you read through this post you will see irrefutable proof there is no such thing as “good leads” and that all leads need special care.

What’s holding people back from the truth is a well known phenomenon in psychology called self deceit.  Self-deception or self deceit is a process of denying or rationalizing away the relevance, significance, or importance of opposing evidence and logical argument. Self-deception involves convincing oneself of a truth so that one does not reveal any self-knowledge of the deception. 

Check out Robert Trivers’s book the “The Folly Of Fools’ for more information about self deception.


Believing that there’s “good leads” out there is the folly of fools and the mark of a rank novice.

Leads are not perfect and they don’t need to be. 

Beware of the “Perfect Lead Folly” that holds rookies back. 

I’m looking at you…even if you were a “sales manager since 1987″…Yawn…

The notion that “if the leads were better, I’d close more deals” is a common misconception, often perpetuated by those who’ve never even dabbled in lead generation themselves. 

Do you really think people aren’t buying from you or answering your calls because they don’t have the money, aren’t interested, aren’t decision makers, have to talk to their spouse…etc?

Do you honestly think that’s a problem with the leads?

Come on brotato, we’re about to blow the lid off that idea.

The truth is, other companies are successfully closing the same leads, so the belief that the leads aren’t good is proven invalid.

Just look around – How many average or very successful companies do you see?

Do you really think they pray to the lead gods wishing for it to rain “better leads”?

FYI – There are no special leads that convert best.

Don’t believe the hype and don’t deceive yourself.

In fact we’ll even say lead source makes no difference if everything is “done right” on your end. 

If you’re not closing deals your leads need more care.

There’s something that’s going wrong. 

Once you fix it, the leads will all of a sudden “become good”.

What Actually Is A Lead?

A lead is someone that raises their hand and says they will consider what you have to offer for one reason or another.

Can you see by how a basic definition of a lead states the obvious?

A lead cannot be good or bad, it just is.

According to the definition, did they raise their hand with any level of interest?

Yes? – Then they are a lead.

No? – Then they aren’t a lead.

There is no good and bad. We’ll prove that if you keep reading.

A lead is simply a bridge to the person that raised their hand.

It does not imply it’s leading you to a sale in any shape, manner, or form.

You’re making a very large leap if you think that.

You need to get clear on your definitions. 

Just because someone raises their hand does not mean that they’re a buyer.

You don’t believe it yet?

See directly below . . .

You Can’t Even Measure Lead Quality

What gets measured gets accomplished.

In science, you know the real world, everything has to be measured with tools and data to back it up.

In science we do not use humans as scientific tools for the collection of data. 

Everything must go through an actual calibrated scientific instrument.

Humans aren’t like, “yeah it looks like 9 inches let’s go with that” & then everyone just “believes them”.

We all pull out a tape measure for a reason . . .

Though some humans are so dull or delusional that they really think they don’t need a tape measure.

This is why we have tools, because humans are not capable of collecting data or measuring anything without the tools.

If you ask anyone what the measure of lead quality is they’ll proudly blurt out “conversion rate”.

Newsflash – A conversion rate is a sales term that is tied to sales.  It was invented to assess the quality of the sales process. Its definition and design fits a specific place in the SALES PROCESS. 

A conversion rate is a special tool for a specific job.

So how do you actually measure lead quality?

The only measurement available for lead quality is based on your perception.

Your perception is not an accurate measurement of fact, we’ve already been over this above.

This is why nobody believes people that say they were “abducted by aliens”.

If you haven’t noticed yet, perception is not the measure of facts. 

Haven’t you ever experienced that 10 people can observe the same thing and have 10 totally different interpretations?

So It’s All My Fault Isn’t It?

There’s no need to blame, that’s mostly the reason why people are in the mess they’re in.

If deals aren’t closing, you need to ask yourself what moving part in your sales process is causing it.

You need to ask yourself where your leads need more care.

A low conversion rate can only be the measurement of a failing sales process. 

It’s the definition afterall 🙂

Now that this is settled . . .

What should you be taking a look at and fixing? 

The entire sales process, such as, but not limited to:

The salesman/saleswoman

You appointment booking process

Your sales assets

Your follow up

Your sales scripts

Your offer/guarantee

If your stuff is actually world class good


 Notice how we didn’t say the economy, or the lead source, or the season, or if they had money or not, or if they had to talk to their spouse….etc …..YUCK!

Lead Source Doesn’t Matter

Paid ads lead quality is the same quality as cold outreach lead quality in the sense that the leads don’t convert any easier. 

All leads always need care. It doesn’t matter who or where they come from. 

 Nobody wants to buy your stuff, even if it’s good! It’s up to your sales process!

You still have to be a salesman and win their business, even if they’re magical referrals sprinkled with unicorn tears from your happy customers.

Here’s What Psychology Says If All The Pro’s Tell You All Leads Need Care And You Don’t Believe Them

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area. This tends to occur because a lack of self-awareness prevents them from accurately assessing their own skills. Think of it as the “I know everything” syndrome. The truth is, these people are actually terrified and are protecting themselves. 

Emotional Reasoning is when you feel something and believe that it “must be true”. We’ve already established above that humans are not capable of accurately measuring anything or being the tool or instrument for data collection. We always rely on scientific instruments for true data for a reason. You may feel like any sort of way, but it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Common examples in the real world of Emotional Reasoning or the Dunning-Kruger effect  include blaming your customers for their lack of funds, lack of decision-making power, or over-exaggerating the importance of the perceived quality of leads. This is based on you feeling a certain way with no actual measurement, AND you overestimate how good your business or sales process is, or even yourself.

How We Handle All Of Our Leads

We like to tell our sales team:

 “All leads suck, it’s your job to convert them”. If you believe this mantra, you will always be more successful than others that misbelieve otherwise – because it gives you power to control the situation. 

What gives you the best chances of success, is being educated, and working with others that know what they’re talking about.

 All the best companies and salesmen/sales women think like this. This is the difference between “have nots” and “have yachts”.

It’s never a good idea or look to not take total responsibility for your business or future. Never give it up, no matter what!

You can sell to people with money, without money, with a hat, with a cat, or any other DR. Suess nursery rhyme.

You’re Just A Rookie, And That’s Fine!

A Rookie salesman is someone who doesn’t get results and may blame everything but themselves because they don’t even know what they’re doing or what they’re talking about.

A pro can spot a rookie a mile away. 

Here are some quick examples and common phrases/behaviors of a rookie salesman. 

General Blame & Excuses. 

“The leads suck”…..” The outreach method sucks”……. “There’s a recession coming”….. “It rains too much”….. “It’s the holiday season” . . . ..”the leads don’t have the money”…..:they aren’t breaking my door down to buy my stuff”…..”they had to talk it over with a spouse”…..& other general blaming, complaining, and excuses. Recommended reading – john taffer “don’t bullshit yourself”. Fix the excuses & fix the problem. Also read Robert Trivers’ “The Folly of Fools”.

 Life is hard, there is turmoil, there’s problems, but if you can’t persevere and reframe it, you’re just going to struggle indefinitely instead of moving forward and getting the job done.

Our thoughts . . . . All leads suck & sales is very hard, and nobody wants to buy your stuff! Business is hard. Life is hard. It’s supposed to be. 

Newsflash – Even if a general doctor refers a patient to a specialist heart doctor/cardiologist, they still require deposits because people don’t show up, and those people really need to be there. 

Good salesmen make all the leads work and get paid. They take personal responsibility and it’s a personal mission. Immature & rookie salesmen blame circumstances.


“I was the sales manager for a business 45 years ago” ….. Our thoughts … Things Change. 

You will have to learn a new approach if you’re doing something new, this should be obvious.

It’s not obvious for those with big ego’s who typically have small wallets as they seem to have a filter they view the world through.

“I know it all” ….. Our thoughts . . . Nobody does, and that’s okay, being perfect is too hard to keep up with anyway.

Everyone else is wrong. 

My thoughts and feelings are inarguable facts.

I will not allow my thoughts and feelings to be scrutinized.

Looks like narcissism.

Has all the answers even if they aren’t getting results.

Doesn’t ask for help or accept help.

Lack Of Skills

Doesn’t know what to do.

Doesn’t know they are supposed to be doing something and completely missing it.

Sometimes negative emotions are experienced when they can’t figure it out.

Relies on tricky/sleazy sales tactics. Not giving out pricing, not telling the customers enough details to make a decision, not letting them read the contract, being too pushy…not trying to close the deal and expecting people to beg them to buy…etc 


General stalling & being afraid to work inside the business and do the job that’s required. A little bit of nervousness is normal, but when it interrupts your life there’s an issue. 

Competence gives confidence. Generally there’s 2 ways to push through sales fears, training and experience. You have to put the work in.

Too Pushy

“Either they’re going to buy, or they’re going out in a box”. Our Thoughts . . .  While that may have worked in the past, consumers are much more educated buyers now-a-days and they can see through the tricks. They need information to make a decision, not slick suited parlor tricks. Or they use threats . . . . “Well if you don’t buy, I’ll just go to your competitors”….. That doesn’t work now-a-days, probably didn’t work well in the past either. Probably a much better way of saying that without your customer punishing you by not buying.

Not Pushy Enough

You have to ask for the order numerous times, people are always afraid to commit and make a final decision in any area of life. 

Give them the information they need to make a decision and ask for the order numerous times if it’s a good fit for the customer and you. Don’t be needy or creepy. Just close the deal, nothing more.

You cannot expect people to break down your door and buy from you

Not Putting In The Work

Not following up. Not making calls. Not Leaving voicemails.

 Not being more assertive than they think is necessary in their pursuit of getting sales opportunities on the phone to make a sales presentation.

Usually excuses or fear are causing you to procrastinate and not do your work. 

Wishing for the “perfect leads” 

See Above

You fix it by taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming your customers, the leads,…etc.

May leave an empty calendar under their pillow hoping the lead fairy comes and fills their sales calendar with the “good leads”.

How to stop being a rookie and get better at sales faster and shorten the learning curve?

Admit you’re a rookie and move forward from there, even if you have similar experience.

Check out our free educational training or check out our website’s B2B tips.

Get third party sales training. We use and follow Grant Cardone’s advice. He even has sales training at Cardone university with a free 2 week trial, and free books everywhere. You can use whoever you want to teach you, just make sure they’re credible, and you get training if you aren’t getting results. There’s no excuses, in the age of technology/information ignorance is an excuse.

Things take time and there’s no compression algorithm for experience other than mentors. Learn from people, but put it into practice, work hard, and gain your own valuable insight and experience to apply. These things take time. You simply need more time under your belt and more experience.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, sales is very hard, and not everybody is willing to push their limits and get better at it. Sales is a skill, and skills are more valuable than money. It is wise to invest in your skills. Sales is probably the most important skill on the planet, you’re always selling yourself, not just with customers, but with friends and family, your co workers, strangers, approaching men and women to ask them on a date, trying to make new friends,……etc Don’t believe for a second you’re missing out on the “special leads” a company wants to sell you. All leads suck and all leads need care! Your ignorance is just being taken advantage of at that point.

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