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Guaranteed Sales Opportunities
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Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee that we deliver all of your sales opportunities. We'll deliver all of the sales opportunities to you, or we'll refund you for each sales opportunity we don't deliver, based on pricing of the package you buy.

Additionally, we guarantee all of the sales opportunities we send to you are generated the same day.

Finally, we guarantee that all of the sales opportunies are 100% exclusive and not shared with other companies.

We do not guarantee or promise you sign up customers as that is obviously up to your company and sales process.

It may be common for other companies to make bold claims, but we suggest you read the fine print in their contrct carefully before signing up with them; if they even let you see their contract in advance.

You can view our complete terms of service before signing up with us here:

A sales opportunity is a warm lead with a company who showed interest in your services or value proposition, and is requesting more information, asking for pricing, requesting a consultation, or requesting to speak with you directly.  Every sales opportunity includes the company name and email, and phone number (if we have it), and website (if we have it). 

Sales opportunities only contain business contact information, not personal contact information.

To see examples of real sales opportuntity orders and what will be included click here: See 6 Real Orders In 1 Spot And Learn What's Included

At this time we are not able to provide responses with the sales opportunities. However, you can see examples of how interested our sales opportunities are. These were randomly selected. Check out the quality of our sales opportunities by clicking here: Sales Opportunity Responses

At this time we generate all of our sales opportunities via email marketing.

In the future we plan to add in facebook marketing.

Sales opportunities are delivered by email Monday through Friday immediately when they come in.

Your sales opportunities will be delivered to your email inbox via a csv file.

Everytime a new sales opportunity comes in, you will immediately get an update email.

Also, all sales opportunities are dropped into the crm system we give you so you can get to work and kep it organized.

Every sales opportunity includes the company name and email, and phone number (if we have it), and website (if we have it).

To see examples of real sales opportuntity orders and what will be delivered to you click here: See 6 Real Orders In 1 Spot And Learn What's Included

At this time we are not able to provide responses with the sales opportunities. However, you can see examples of how interested our sales opportunities are. These were randomly selected. Check out the quality of our sales opportunities by clicking here: Sales Opportunity Responses

Sales opportunities are for B2B businesses that offer B2B services. Sales opportunities are for those that want to spend their time closing deals, not prospecting, and understand sales opportunities need to be treated with care.

We want to emphasize that outcomes can vary. Therefore, we refrain from making any guarantees, promises, or representations regarding customer sign-ups. The information we provide is general in nature, reflecting common industry practices.

You can book up to 40% of sales opportunities into sales calls by contacting them 9-12 times, leaving voicemails, and sending texts/emails. This is a common 2-week short-term lead nurturing process.

It's possible to book more leads into sales calls, but you will have to follow up longer term.

Up to 70% off all booked sales calls may show up.

Out of those that show up, the U.S.A. national average sales closing rate is 20%.

A percentage of those may be 1-call closes, but statistics say 80% of sales close between 5-12 follow-ups.

For example purposes, let's say you purchase 150 sales opportunities.

A 40% booking rate for 150 sales opportunities would lead to 60 booked calls with the short-term lead nurturing process described above.

Out of the 60 booked calls, up to 70% would show up for their sales call or 42 meetings.

With a 20% closing rate, this means you could potentially close up to 8 new clients.

Even if you closed at a 10% rate and signed up 4 clients, the math typically makes sense, as B2B services have a high Lifetime Value.

If a client is worth $500/month to you, that's $6,000 a year.

4 Clients X $6,000 = $24,000 of potential income even closing at half the national average.

150 sales opportunities cost $4,500. That's potentially a 5.3X ROI closing at only 10%.

You can learn more about this in our free eBook here:

Nope. What you see on the pricing page is exactly what you get. No hidden pricing, set up fees, tricks, or gimmicks.

Also, we even pay the costs associated with lead generation ourselves, which is unheard of these days, and our competitors hate us for it.

However, in our terms of service it clearly states that if any unforseen circumstances arises on our end,  you will have to pay for the "equipment fees" - which are the email marketing systems.

To date this has never happened, but email marketing can be precarious, and we're letting you know in advance, just in case our infrastructure goes down, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

100%. We use very sophisticated tools to target your dream customers. Just let us know what type of industries/businesses you want to work with.

For all other matters see our "Sales Opportunity Targeting Limitations" policy below.

The Parties acknowledge and agree that our Company shall not engage in lead generation or targeting based on criteria including but not limited to income, company positions, race, employment status, gender, sexual orientation, or any other variables. Our Company's targeting capabilities are and shall remain general in nature, and it shall not discriminate against individuals or groups based on these factors in any aspect of lead generation, targeting, or any other marketing activities.

If you ever need to return a bad sales opportunities you can do so within 30 days of receiving it by sending us an email to with a description of why the lead is bad.

We do not offer any refunds, but we will replace any bad sales opportunity.

Our definition of a bad sales opportunities means that for some reason it has incorrect information, such as company name or email address.

We do not replace sales opportunties with missing phone numbers or website as we may not have access to that information.

We do not replace sales opportunities or for any other reasons.

For all other matters, returns are covered by our polices found here:

We want you to be 100% satisfied and we work 1 on 1 with all of our customers.

However, we are not able to offer refunds as we are not able to get our time back associated with generating sales opportunties or the costs we incur to do it.

We understand we will not be able to satisfy a small minority of our customers, just like every other business out there, that's why we'll educate you on our clear terms and conditions herein before you sign up with us.

This is a common industry standard practice, the difference with us is that we don't bury it in the contract or hide it from you.

You can read our full refund policy here before signing up with us:

Simply put, we work with anyone in any industry that provides B2B services such as, but not limited to, marketing agencies, debt collectors, billing services, staffing services, SAAS companies, book keeping services, pay roll services, virtual assistants, and more!

We will generate all sales opportunities you purchase, or refund you for each sales opportunity we're unable to generate based on the package you buy. 

So it becomes our problem, not yours.

You can read the full policy below or in our terms of service on this page:

  • Our company will deliver all initial  sales opportunities/leads to the client, or refund the client X ammount of dollars per sales opportunity/lead if the contractor is not able to deliver all. Please view our signed contracts for exact pricing. Restrictions Apply – Please review the “Lead Quality and Quantity Disclaimer.

We are the creators of sales opportunities and we specialize in B2B businesses. We're a B2B business ourselves afterall.

We use a proprietary marketing framework we've coined as permission based marketing. We pursue a large volume of leads/data until we find people who are happy to talk to you about your services. There's not arm twisting involved, or jamming people through.

Let the numbers speak for themselves: We've sent 1M+ Emails and generated 10k+ Sales Opportunities for B2B businesses.

We've also been featured in over 400+ news articles.

We even have case studies of B2B business that we generated Sales Opportunties for that you can view by clicking here:

We authored a very large eBook for B2B businesses that want to generate leads and close them.

We give you a CRM system to use for FREE that's specifically set up for success.

We give you a bunch of FREE sales training to review too when you sign up becuase we want you to succeed.

We help you create a good offer for FREE.

We help you audit your sales proceess for FREE.

We have premium customer support.

We don't share your leads or sales opporuntities with any other businessess....Yuck!

We have competitive pricing.

You just pay us for the leads with no hidden or additional fees.

We have over 2,000 likes on Facebook.

..... And a bunch of other things.

Also, since you're reading here this, you're probably one of the sales opportunities we generated for ourselves. Caught you looking!

Most of our clients are in the United States, but we have many international clients and can provide worldwide services.

To answer your question, we have long arms, we can reach out to anyone anywhere.

However we can only target nationally and not locally.

Not at this time.

We do provide extensive information about proper appointment setting practices.

All of our customers get access to all of our educational materials.

You can check them out here:

We give you the same CRM system we use to manage our leads.

Yes. 100% free as long as you are a customer.

You'll be able to follow the sales opportunity from the stage of "opting in" to closing, and everywhere in-between.

Keep everything organized with minimum effort so nobody slips through the cracks.

First of all, we think the world of our customers and don't want to waste their time.

Also, we understand our customers are intelligent and sophisticted and already know about these types of services.

In addition, we understand if someone is interested they want the information to make a decision one way or the other.

Finally, we're proud of our company and our hard work - so why not share it with the world? Transparency is one of our core values as a company

In summation, we're not sure why other similar companies choose to hide all of their information.

We want our whole business and everything we do to be easily accesible and public knowledge.

Our outreach copy is crafted with care, drawing inspiration from the valuable insights you provided in your onboarding form. While we create numerous variations to ensure each message resonates effectively, they all share a common core message. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide the exact outreach copy due to its extensive variations. Thank you for understanding!

We do not close the sales opportunities for our clients.

We do however provide all of our clients access to all of our educational materials which includes proven sales script templates.

You can check out our free educational materials here:

Any more questions about our company?

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